Our programs are structured to allow a mix of child led enquiry and teacher led curriculum, and are carefully planned from a developmental viewpoint to ensure the best possible transition to school for your child.

Three year old program
As many children will be encountering kindergarten for the first time, we aim to make them feel secure and happy. We provide a comfortable learning environment to allow them to explore the world around them, and develop at their own pace. We aim to help the children:

  • Become self-directed and independent, and develop their self-help skills
  • Develop self-esteem and confidence
  • Develop a positive and co-operative attitude towards their peers
  • Develop their language skills
  • Express themselves through art, music, language and movement

Session times
We have one group in the three year old program – Green Group – with a maximum of 20 children in the class. Children attend kindergarten for a total of 6 hours per week, spread over two sessions.





Four year old program
As part of our four year old program, the children are immersed in a range of activities related to their emerging interests, as well as teacher initiated focus. Topics cover mathematical concepts, science, pre-reading skills and natural sciences, and may include bugs, dinosaurs, our community, the seasons, transport and space.

The program aims to foster wonder in our world through investigation, discovery, observation, classification, communication and encouraging creativity in a diverse range of activities. The children are encouraged to develop new skills, extend their imagination and participate with enthusiasm and co-operation.

Session times 
There is one group in the four year old program – Red Group – with a maximum of 22 children. Children attend kindergarten for a total of 19.5 hours per week, spread over three sessions.